A Year in Review

This year, the Women in Tech Caribbean Community has seen tremendous growth and has launched multiple projects to foster community and networking for our members and the wider tech world. 2022 has been such an eventful year and we would like to take some time to reflect on our project milestones as we bring the year to a close.


In January, we officially launched our Women in Tech Caribbean blog housed on our website. The goals of the blog were to highlight women of Caribbean heritage who are pursuing tech careers, launching businesses, hosting events, and much more. Our Caribbean women are excelling in various areas and we wanted to amplify their voices with our new blog. We have shared the stories of some of our members and have published career tips, press releases and other content as it relates to technology and women. Blogging will continue in the new year.

Monthly Networking Calls

Throughout the year, WITC members from all over the world connected virtually in our longest running event – monthly networking calls. These calls fostered networking opportunities and deeper connections with members. We appreciate everyone for consistently showing up and keeping the community as vibrant as our Caribbean culture!

Wealth Creation Talks

This year, we pioneered a series of discussions on wealth creation. During this online session, wealth creation experts were interviewed and the host shared her own learnings of creating passive income. Members got an opportunity to learn more about various subjects, how to get started, actionable strategies, best practices, and more. A small accountability group was also formed so that members could hold each other accountable for accomplishing their financial goals. We enjoyed learning from each other and creating a vision for our financial success.

Meet and Greet (Trinidad and Tobago)

In June, we partnered with AnitaB.org along with Women Techmakers Trinidad and Tobago on their first meetup in Trinidad and Tobago. It was an opportunity for our communities to come together in person and connect with each other over a meal and wholesome discussions. Meeting our colleagues in person for the first time was an amazing experience, and we hope to do more in-person meetups in the future.

WITC Conference & Streaming Day

In August, we hosted our inaugural conference under the theme “#WeAreWITC”. This virtual event was the first of its kind, with several women of Caribbean heritage in attendance from all over the world. The conference was a success, and we could not have done it without the generosity of our sponsors, speakers, organizers, host and very engaging audience! The entire conference was recorded and was streamed a few months later on YouTube during our Streaming Day event. If you missed the conference or the streaming day, you can watch the videos from our sessions and lightning talks on our YouTube channel

Move to Discord

The WITC Community started as a Slack Community, but this year, we decided to transition to Discord. All communication, meetings and announcements are now officially done via Discord. If you are a member who is still using our Slack channels, please check your inbox for our newsletters in which we have shared our invitation links or please reach out to our founder or any project manager. The future for WITC is Discord!

Throughout the year, several members spoke at conferences and were engaged in tech competitions, bootcamps, summer camps, interviews on Mornin’ Barbados and much more! Our members are always on the go and always finding ways to support communities within and outside of WITC and we applaud them for their work. While we were able to complete several projects this year, mentioned or not mentioned in this blog, we are looking forward to doing even more in 2023! Thank you to all of our supporters and members for making this a successful year for WITC. Have an enjoyable holiday season, and stay tuned for more content from us in the new year!