Author: Odessa

Post-Conference Press Release

On August 20th, 2022, women from 18 countries gathered for the staging of the virtual and inaugural Women in Tech Caribbean (WiTC) Conference. In keeping with the theme of #WeAreWITC, there was a strong showing of talented and trailblazing Caribbean women in tech as 12 Caribbean countries were represented at the conference. The keynote speaker, […]

Press Release: Women in Tech Caribbean Conference 2022

On August 20, 2022, the Women in Tech Caribbean Community (WiTC) will bring together amazing women in tech and tech adjacent fields for the inaugural WiTC conference. This one-day virtual conference will feature empowering keynotes, breakout sessions and thought-stimulating panel discussions on topics that are specific to the Caribbean and Caribbean diaspora communities. The conference […]

How to Get Started in Tech

Starting your tech career can seem daunting, especially if you’re transitioning from a different field or if you’re pursuing your very first career. Additionally, the tech industry is still male-dominated as women hold only 25% of computing roles in the US and 45.2% of science and technology research roles in Latin America and the Caribbean. […]

Celebrating Girls and Women in ICT

Last month, we celebrated Girls in ICT Day under the theme of “Access & Safety.” In a statement made by UN Women on April 28, 2022, we were reminded that “every girl has a right to be connected and safe, and to play her part in shaping a more equal, green and tech-driven future.” There […]

Spotlight Saturday: Sara Bernard

Meet Sara Bernard – a reflective, strategic, analytical, and future-focused woman from Trinidad and Tobago. Sara has years of experience in the Oil and Gas industry, and a BSc in Chemical and Process Engineering. She took a calculated risk and transitioned into the tech field where she is now building her legacy and creating impactful […]

A Crypto Caribbean Future

Last month, SiliconCaribe, the leading producer of Caribbean Tech Events, hosted its first annual conference dubbed the Future of Caribbean Money (FOCMNY). This was a two-day hybrid (virtual and in-person) event for sharing stories and advice about how Caribbean entrepreneurs and individuals can leverage digital currencies, blockchain, and NFTs to make, manage and invest their […]

Spotlight Saturday: Sowmya Thottambeti

Our first Spotlight Saturday gives us an opportunity to learn more about one of our Women in Tech Caribbean members, Sowmya Thottambeti. She hails from The Bahamas and describes herself as a vivacious, free-spirited woman, a highly sociable introvert and an adrenaline junkie at heart. Sowmya’s professional background is in software and data engineering. However, […]